Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cute sewn paintings... I am in love!

Here are two more of my cute sewn paintings! As you might have noticed...I have been loving the stripes and polka dots! The top painting is called "Polka"! I wanted to paint someone cute and you have polka dots, blue stockings, and a cute awkward girl! This painting was really fun and looks adorable sewn!

The bottom painting is called "No More Worries", as you can imagine, being 24 might not be the most calming time is one's life, especially just graduating from college not that long ago with lots of loving loans...haha Anyways, sometimes life is very overwhelming and we need to take a break, relax, and breathe in natures fresh air! I told my boyfriend, Schuyler, the other day... there has never been one human being who could make me feel better when I was upset for everything, some can ease your pain for a few things, but not for everything, but there has been one element that has never failed me and that has been nature. So here's to you nature and no more worries! <3

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