Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Portrait

This was a custom painting I just painted for someone last week! I was sent a black and white vintage-looking photograph and they wanted it painted on cradle board. I really wanted this painting to keep the vintage-look that the photograph had, so I decided to use the Acrylic paint and water to dye the wood. This technique is similar to using ink with a bamboo brush and using water to dilute the ink or the paint to get different shades. This technique takes a little time because you have to do layers and then I highlighted at the end. I recommend this technique to anyone who has patience, a steady hand, and would like to relax while painting; the technique was really soothing and I really enjoyed painting this! :-)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Something in the Water

Here are two new paintings in my shop! I am practicing water because I am hoping to paint a large shark painting in the next few weeks, so here are two paintings with water! The one on the top is called "Floating" and the one below is called "Morning Stretch". I also wrote a poem to go with "Floating".

"Floating away on a bright sunny day,
the waves caress and carry me away...

Even strangers are welcome in the water.
They won't say, "work harder."

The ocean waves will always say that "You are okay."
They will hold your hand to the bay or take you far, far away.

The land has hardened it's heart and the jagged edges all dart out.

The waves dance and play, while the rocks sit and decay.
Now do you see why it has to be this way?

No more hardened rocks and decay; I am floating far, far away. "

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Earrings for August!

August is already here! Can you believe it? Well I have been busy painting and designing jewelry and I have added new jewelry to my shop with August's birthstone, Peridot! I hope you like them!