Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plum and Mint Palette

Plum Moss Amethyst Earrings wrapped in Sterling Silver by thelittlehappygoose on etsy! These earrings are super-awesome! Not just because of the unique patterns in the stones, but because they are very light-weight and inexpensive! These earrings inspired my to do a Plum and Mint Palette today! Here are a few things I found that would look amazing with these!

First we have the Rosette Dress from the Etsy shop
kelseygenna !

 Second, we have this stunning head piece from whichgoose!
How beautiful is this?

 Next, we have the more casual Plum and Mint dresses above from modcloth.

 I also found this cute little dress from the etsy shop vivatveritas7.

Last, but certainly not least! I found these cute Plum Ballet flats from thewhiteribbon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mint Chalcedony Earrings - You cannot go wrong with mint!

Mint Earrings featuring yummy Chalcedony briolettes that I wrapped with Sterling Silver. These earrings were inspired by one of my paintings called "Fall Behind"

I am also a huge fan of all things MINT! Here are some wonderful things that would look amazing with these earrings!

First are these Mint Oxford Brogue Shoes...these are wickedly awesome, I do not care what anyone says! I came across these at goodbyefolk

Last but not least, we have these cute Mint Bangles from pardes. I am a huge fan of bangles, they make you feel extra rocker-like when you wear them! You're like "Yeah, I am shakin' my wrist around with all this cute bling!"

Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings

 Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings wrapped in Sterling Silver and suspended on Sterling Silver. These earrings were inspired by Rainy April. They are a powdery baby blue and the cut makes them sparkle and glisten from every angle.

You can find these in my shop at thelittlehappygoose

These earrings would look fabulous with this skirt from stylemadehere